Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Bernedoodle?

The Bernedoodle has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

How big do they get?

The Standard Bernedoodles’ ranges from 15 inches tall up to 29 inches tall while weighing 50 pounds and above. This is pretty similar to the size of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

What do I need to have before I bring my puppy home?

These are things that I suggest for your new puppy.....



  • Food and water bowls

  • Food 

  • Collar and leash

  • An ID tag with your phone number

  • Large or XL foldable metal crate

  • Dog bed

  • Tearless puppy shampoo and conditioner 

  • Brush/Comb combo

  • Variety of toys (a ball, rope, chew toys and non-rawhide chews)

What kind of food do you feed the puppies?

We feed all our dogs American National. 

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Bernedoodles are considered a hypoallergenic breed. However, there is no such thing as a fully hypoallergenic dog, as people can also be allergic to dog saliva or urine, etc. For those with mild to medium pet allergies, doodles make a wonderful addition to the family, as they are usually low shed to no shed.  If you have severe allergies you should seek as curly a coat as possible. An F1B is usually recommended for people with more severe allergy problems. I

How Does the Puppy Selection Work?

When you place a deposit for a future litter your name is placed on the list on a "first come, first pick" basis. When puppies come, we update the website within a few days with details of the litter. We take pictures of the puppies regularly.


Once the puppies are 5 weeks old we will take updated pictures and videos of each puppy and then start on top of the Reservation List and let people pick out their puppies. We can help you with your decision by taking videos and/or via a FaceTime call.


Once it's your turn to pick, you can choose an available puppy OR decide to skip your turn for that litter and be added to the list for a subsequent litter.

We contact you via text, email or call when your turn is getting close and if you choose to pass we will then move onto the next person(s). If you don't respond to our text, email or call of currently available puppies within 8 hours, then we assume you will want to wait. In such a case we will hold your spot on the Reservation List and continue moving down the list to others waiting on their turn.

Can I register my Bernedoodle?

This is a mixed breed dog and therefore cannot be registered with the AKC, but there are "Designer Dog" registries (like IDCR) if you choose to do that on your own.

How much exercise does a Bernedoodle need?

All dogs need to be able to run and exercise daily. Bernedoodles require a moderate amount of activity. We have our dogs play in a fenced 2 acres area to get plenty of exercise. If you are unable to do this, please make sure and walk your dog at least once a day.

Why do the tri-color cost more than the black and white?

Because it is harder to produce due to recessive pigment genes. Most of the time, the brown fades as they get older and looks light tan or sometimes almost white and their black might turn grey.  They are absolutely beautiful adult dogs.

Can I come to visit the puppies after they are born?


We do not allow visitors because people unknowingly can bring diseases in on their shoes or hands.  We do however try to send a lot of pictures and videos so that you can see your puppy on a regular basis.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

Deposits are 75% Refundable and can be refunded for any reason. There is no way that you can know for sure that we will have a puppy for you in the future, and we understand that. We fully respect your decision if you find a puppy elsewhere or change your mind for any other reason. In such a case we would refund 75% of your deposit. ($375.00 on a $500.00 deposit) After you pick a puppy the deposit becomes completely non-refundable and goes towards the final price of the puppy. Reservations are honored in order of deposits placed.

I Live Out of State, How Can I Pick Up My Puppy?

There are options to have the puppy delivered within a certain distant for a per mile cost. Also, puppies may be shipped or dropped off at the airport during business hours. 

This is to be discussed & finalized after picking out the puppy of your choice.